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Username: Misty_Cat
Gender: Agender
Last Online: 27 Dec 2017, 4:07 am
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 2:54 am

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My big dream of FurVilla is a Gembound. I am trying to save FD for a potion, thanks for all the donations! ❤

A small village of Tigereye Peak mountains is rarely found on maps. It is located at the Northest side of the mountains, where others are afraid to go...
..Why? This village is very peaceful and its villager are really kind and sweet. The Mayor of the town, Mrs. Whitetaker, takes care of everyone by growing good plants for their Doctor, Misty, and Alchemist, Bilbo. She learned a lot about plants and herbs from the villager Rainy, who is the main Herbalist. Sometimes you can spot a fast fairy flying around. That is The Bunny Fairy, who is the Explorer along with Murphy, the moth. These two friends explore the land and bring home new stuff, for example Wood for the Carpenter-Scar- or Steel for the Blacksmith-Toklo. Toklo creates and fixes weapons and armour for Shawn, the Warrior and mate of Mrs. Whitetaker. Then we have Darky, the friendly (but lazy) cat. No one actually knows what she does. And last, the four friends who share the love for animals-Zicora, the main breeder, Swift, the main trader, Dash, the main collector, and Hambo, the main domesticator. Dash is the one who mostly collects animals and gives them to Hambo. Hambo domesticates the animal, so that they are no longer afraid. If he has some animal pair, he gives it to Zicora and she breeds the pair, giving the babies to Swift. Swift then sells the animals as she is a falcon and can fly to the nearest village. Swift also has an apprentice, Amnesty, who is learning to be as good as them.
We hope you enjoy the stay in our village.
Village "The Blizzard Cliff"

Guide to succesful Warrior
I can trade some stuff such as
-I can craft Mini Sun Capsule 100%, Solar Concontion 100%, Lunar Salve 100%, Bottled Rainstorm 100%
-or any other medicine from TigerEye Peak, not 100% yet

just message me and we can make a deal

CSS credits to noll :)

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    • Your profile is the coolest!

    • hey thanks for all your kind comments!! im pretty proud of how all my painties turned out so it's so nice to get compliments <3

    • Nice to meet a person from Slovakia ^^ My grandpa is originally from Slovakia so I've been there multiple times to visit my relatives (and I was in Bratislava too, very nice).

    • Yes, I'm czech ^^

    • Bookmite
      My villagers can be seen unde the "Villagers" slot

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      I love your profile

    • I'm very glad to have Diaval with me. I was thinking of making a raven myself, but I saw him and figured it's better to adopt XD

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