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Username: LegendaryAngelAuron
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Last Online: 9 Nov 2021, 6:53 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 2:21 pm

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Hey! Welcome to my profile. Hope you are having a good day. If not I have two big fluffy black ears that are always open. Please refrain from dragging a drama llama with you though as I don't really cope well with those who intentionally start drama. Someone slapped you and called you names? I'm here for you. You think someone's a b word for saying your shoes are tacky? Sorry I'm not really that good at dealing with stuff like that.

WARNING! I randomly jump subjects when talking about things I like.

Now that that's out of the way...let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a winged wolf, black furred with bright red hair and heterochromatic eyes. (eyes that are two colors) One is violet, the other is crimson.

I love reading, dancing, writing, playing video games, archery, music, learning new things, being creative, drawing, my job, my family/friends, playing "kid" games (I.e chase/tag, hide-n-go seek ect...) anime of various types from cute to dark, Gothic, Steampunk, Lolita and Kawaii are some of my favorite styles...especially Steampunk. I listen to music a lot. I have a waterproof setup for my shower and a Bluetooth connection so I can have my playlist in my car.

My favorite bands are 1) Eyeshine...(google them if you don't know them...then join us.)

(then in no particular order)The Band Perry, Queen, Creed, Linkin Park, FOB...the list keeps going.

Fav solo artists are Lady Gaga, Lorde, Emeniem, Halsey, and a handful of others.

I love Alex Dang...like seriously. Just listening to him makes my day better. I aspire to write like him one day.
Favorite Artist (like actual art) is Hayao Miyazaki, at least on the "professional" level.

Though my personal favs are: Anyone who tries.

Seriously, if you try...idc if all you do is make stick figures...then I love you for it. Keep doing that and one day those stick figures will be full 3D models waiting to be worked into a movie, game or VR experience somewhere. The same goes for writers and other artists. Staring small is how everyone did it. Now look at them, Miyazaki didn't start off with a studio and team that works directly for him...nope. He started little and unknown doing his own work by himself. James Cameron created the breathtaking world of Pandora...all of it CG. He started small though with basic ideas and sketches on napkins....now he's looking at at least 2-3 more movies just for the Avatar series, and there's literally billons of fans around the world learning and working on the language the Dr. Frommer wrote for that movie. So NEVER stop. If the haters are bothering you, come to me. We'll talk it out or just sit till you feel better.

Now about my avatar art. This picture is actually the picture for my paintie. It was drawn by the very kind Neonlogic. Not only did my sona get rendered beautifully but it is also a way into her past. I described it like this to show her before her eye was damaged. One eye is sealed shut by a scar from a fight. Thus this piece was made for a before look. Though admittedly I did slip up and give the wrong color for the eye that's shown. so yea...Sorry Neonlogic! (plz don't shoot me) I still love it to pieces. The outfit is from a line art drawn by the always epic Andy Modicai on FB. So FULL credit to him for bringing my girl's look up to date.

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    • So I just read your entire profile, checked out Eyeshine and that is certainly some good music.

    • Thank you for the candy!

    • Hehe, you're very welcome as well~ :3

    • Thank you for the pumpkin and candy ^w^

    • I could do an edit for you. Tell me if you want an example!

    • Oops, i was admiring your css and i accidentally sent a friend request! Feel free to deny it :'3 lol

    • Thanks for the map pieces.

    • Thanks for the snake plushie~
      I like it. Lot:-D

    • Thank you for your purchase~

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