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Username: Verne
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 3:19 pm

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Feel free to smash my pumpkins, as long as you don't smash my last one~ Please don't take my candy, though.

And I am not a graphic designer!

I'm just a silly little raven who starts way too many projects.

I don't accept random friend requests, but I don't bite.
Feel free to send me a message or a comment!

Lately I've been lurking and withdrawing socially, but I promise I still love you guys! Feel free to drag me kicking and screaming out of my hole for a chat, if you'd like!
no seriously please make me be social I'm begging you


You can also find me on Flight Rising!

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    • aaaa I love all the birds on your profile!! Your painties are amazing looking as well!!

    • Near-sighted buddies! <3
      Haha aw, I don't see lazy eyes as being creepy. Do you at least make efforts to spook your sister with it? :D

      Sorry for the late reply, I wanted to get to bed semi-early last night so I took my migraine pill and I kinda fell asleep.

    • Oh, you're just as blind as I am without glasses! Finally, someone else who can understand the struggle. xD
      That's true; the arm breaking off is better than the bridge breaking.

    • Oh no. ;; RIP, glasses. That sounds horrible. How bad is your eyesight without glasses?

    • I'm doing pretty well, I suppose. Up my to ears in debt because I joined Toyhou.se and can't stop commissioning artwork or buying adopts; but at least I'm happy? xD I finally achieved my dream of getting my favorite closed species so I'm pretty hyped about that.

      I also finally got a job and actual health benefits, so on Wednesday, I'm finally getting my eyes tested again since it's been a couple of years. I'm in desperate need of new glasses. Other than that though, life's pretty unexciting here, it's basically just work, sleep, eat, have a day or two off to do something fun, and then repeat cycle.

      How about yourself? o:

    • Hey, haven't seen you around in a while. Was wondering how you've been doing. o:

    • Thanks for the Jack-o-lanterns~

    • I just wanted you to know that your signature did me a giggle and I am much happier now.

    • Huehue no problem! Lovely character!~

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