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User ID: #47038
Username: KrimsonCreature
Gender: Female
Last Online: 17 Dec 2021, 9:03 pm
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 6:24 pm

Profile description

Hi, there! Just an aspiring artist that likes to play with virtual characters! I'm here to draw, make my original characters with site bases and make friends! *Kawaii eyes*

I will draw for pretty much anything you've got, as you can make a profit off anything you know what to do with here. :P I do mainly traditional sketches, but I do digital work as well.

My shop: http://www.furvilla.com/forums/thread/34724-krims-art-shop-pay-what-you-wish?page=1

PM with a commission to make my Furvilla dreams come true! <3


(Most to least desired)

1. Viking Fox Battle Buddy

2. A desired item listed in one of my Item Sales threads
3. Post on one of my User suggestion threads
4. FD
5. FC
6. A scrapable equip

~Other places you can find me~

Pets Site:

Aywas (as ~KrimsonCreature ID 55438)
Goatling (as KrimsonCreature)
Wajas (as ~Kata ID 300287)
Felisfire (as ~Krimson Kat)
Mycena Cave (Krimson Kat)
Chicken Smoothie (as Kata Redfox)
Beastkeeper (as KrimsonCreature)


Tumblr (as katxtoonz)
deviantART (as ~katsuneottsel) (Temporarily inactive)
Cartoon Network (as Kate Cartoon)

Villagers 22

Comments 70

    • Thank you :)

    • Wish you the best of luck in getting there!

    • Psst! It says you don’t have enough inventory space - figured I’d let you know!

    • I'm out of town til the 25th, so I apologize if I take a while to get back to you!

    • Utility Crystal: Spectral - 100k FC - 125 feathers
      Magic Kimono Wickerbeast Plush - 250DFD - 313 feathers
      Magic Gala Queen Snuffle Plush - 150k FC - 188 feathers
      Shining Sun Dragon Scales - 1FD * 47 *1.25 - 59 feathers
      Dark Mythic Tablet - 34972fc - 44 feathers
      Cherry Lumber - 147*600*(1/800) - 110 feathers
      Bright Sky Dragon Scales - 2FD * 18 * 1.25 - 45 feathers
      Aqua Magical Gills - 21 * 479 * (1/800) - 13 feathers
      Azure Feather - 8 * 28000 - 280 feathers

      please send a trade if you want to trade for feathers again

    • Holy snap, that's a LOT of Lumps!!!!

    • Thank you so much for the breeding pair of capybuddies, you are an angel!! <3

    • aah, thanks so much for all the sky rocks! ^^

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