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    • I totally agree on all this and it would be nice if there was another way to get them as well breeding!!! anyway Good night i gotta to sleep now lol.

    • Yep the bunnies seemed to have worse odds. I had bad luck with both pets though. Even running a studding thread and sending out 50-200 girls to other people to breed during the later days of the event, I still never got a single decorated through breeding on my own stock. At least we only have one pet to focus on this time, but it is still going to be tough with only a couple weeks. I know this is going to mess it up for a lot of people that also buy/breed the FD pets each month because of the limited breeding charges. You would think they would at least lift that or create a fairy that temporarily lifts it or something instead of that domesticate fairy that no one needs.

    • Okay, if you are sure. Thank you again so much. At least now this means day two we will have odds for the decorated when breeding. I had such terrible luck the original event I can't believe I pulled a melting second try. I saw a lot of people getting dirities in the breeding thread too. I wonder if they maybe figured out a way to improve the odds for one pet to make things more reasonable for this event? That is probably just me being hopeful though.

    • AHHHH! Thank you so much! Second breeding I got a Melting Boy! Any time you need to breed from now on drop me a message/profile comment and I will let you borrow him in return until you get your own melting/decorated to breed from. Also please let me know what is your favorite of the holiday fairies so I can send you one over as an extra thanks!

    • Is there any chance you would be up for loaning out your dirty male for a few minutes so I can breed it to my girls? I would be happy to offer any of the current fairies as thanks for the studding.

    • My older sisters are coming back home to celebrate, since they live away- which I'm super excited for! Also my nieces are coming and I get to squish their chubby little cheeks haha. Also, since a weird rule my family has is that the kids are not allowed to spend money outside of around Christmas, so I get to treat myself to an instant camera I've wanted for a while haha.

    • I'm doing well! Just excited for Christmas break so I can get a load off of schoolwork haha. Are you excited/have any plans for the season?

    • Checking in on you! How've you been?

    • Hot dang, somebody really likes larkspur! I haven't emptied my till since August but you've just contributed over 60% of what's in there. Hope you can put the plants to good use. Thanks for shopping!

    • Thankies fur the candy~ :3c

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