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Username: Ruby
Gender: Female
Last Online: 23 Jun 2021, 9:07 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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♏ | ENFJ | She/They | ♿

Hello there. Dis Wooby, and I am just a lady who likes guild wars 2, art, x-men, and avoiding panic attacks. My sonas are Ruby the rat and Pandora the unicorn. They both represent different sides of me, where Ruby is the smol and shy when I am feeling down, and Pandora is my powerful fem side. I'm a little shy to start conversations but I am easy to approach. If you have a question just let me know!

Corvus one of my SOs. He is the tank, I'm the healer, and the other is the DPS


Grovestead is the name of a home tucked away in the overgrowth of Olde Foxbury. Seated in the center of a lake islet about the size of a city block, the homestead has more than one house, including a large main one to the east side. Each of its buildings is constructed of stone, wood, clay, and hay, though the main building is dug out of the side of a hill and is covered in grass and foliage. Grovestead is home to a small handful of furs, each working together to ensure everyone has food, water, shelter, and protection. They each come from a different walk of life, but they consider themselves one family. Although their home is secluded, they are not antisocial and can be seen inside main Olde Foxbury often.

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    • Hi Ruby! Do you still do painties?

    • Oh no, please don't send anything in return for the pets. Enjoy!! And good luck breeding them :)

    • WHOA are u sure u wanna give me smth so valuble? o.o

    • awww tysm this is so sweet!!!! i just realized its the new year and retroactive gifts dont make sense HAHA but im rly lookin' forward to that feature this year! i hope u have a great bday and a great day!!

    • agh your profile is adorable!

    • wow rude you cute little barf bag

    • Ofc!! Glad I could help. ^^

    • Thank you so much! The Ghost tree appreciates it. XD

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