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User ID: #53302
Username: Jigawatta
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 Nov 2020, 12:51 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:39 pm

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Lol new wishlist!

Haunted doll for Luna, outfit and keepsake for Jiggah? Sunshine Gala Mask & golden keepsake for Koichi. Another Cloudy Owl to hold aurora Lights Felidae + outfit and keepsake? Raptoreek needs a keepsake. Another searph Velociraptor to hold foxfire kitsune, paint by me? Put new year lunar pig on Luan instead. All the things for kawaii flop.

50fc x 7 = plushies/stickers i have. :)
Magic Diamond Gem Raptor Sticker ^_^ - FD
Magic Holestein cow sticker :D -FD
(Magic) Carousel Horse Sticker - limited
Magic Gem Raptor Sticker ?
Magic Moth Sticker ?
Magic Seraph Canine Sticker - 1000FD limited >,<

4 leaf clover 100K
A cloudy friend - cannot find?!
Cuddly Pastel Sheep Plushie 4900 limited *****
Fu Plushie - 4K limited ****
150FD - want!!! Fu Plushie
Isadore Plushie - 75 FD !!!!!!!!!!
Sun & moon crystal keepsakes = ???
Haunted Doll - 200K / 150FD *******
Great Serpent Plushie - 100K / 100FD
Furiendship Bracelet - 100FD / 150K
Sunny Kitsune Plushie - 100FD
Sunshine Gala Mask Buddy - 150 FD
Rock Soup Spa - 18000
Poe Plushie - 10000***
Prince Eden Plushie - 22K
New Moon Kitsune Plushie - 75FD
Palette Plushie - 15000((
Mischievous FH Plushie - ?????? Could do a awesome glitchy pet with this.
Micro Hot Air Balloon - very like FR gustborne balloon?
The something - 1K
The zombull - 2K

Mocha cowpuchino
Palace Cloud Lil Tapir
Plush Sea Cuttlefish
Strawcherry Candy Flion
jumping spiders
Super Rare Feathered Serpent - 2200
Ultimate Cowpuccino - 3000 :F
Arctic Lobairy
Aurora Imp
Cotton Candy Cowpuccino
Decorative Sudsy - 1000000 :F

Future pets i want:
Mythical Souper
Sorcerer GEM RAPTOR! and rabbit?
Galaxy cat. Galaxy Wickerbeast*!
Royal Gembound? Rip hannu V__V
Fairy rabbit called alice.
Angelic + Royal Cat?? >:C
A Beloved Gembound Plush (493 quests to go!)
A Diamond Gembound Plush. :D
Another Dragon and rabbit Mythic for a my own paintie base,
A spooky Cat! =3=
a galaxy rabbit

Do an american moon moth paintie in the mythic style - Lunar Moth
Do a red panda paintie in mythic style, bamboo tanabata paintie
Do a gembound style Mythic Paintie
Do a saggitari Mythic Style Paintie
Do some shifty painties in the mythic style. :) Amaterasu x atlas moth style one,
steampunk owl,
galaxy rabbit/horse
fluffy snake,
DAD galaxy,
angelic dragon,
aqua cat,

Daemon Bat Plush
Dame Gryphon Plush
Diamond gembound?
Gala Queen Snuffle Plush
Gala prince?
Lobster Bee Plush
Madagascan Sunset Moth Plush
Magic Arctic Leodon Plush
Magic Arctic Velociraptor Plush
agic Basilisk Chicken Plush
Magic Coral Reef Crocodile Plush
Magic Garden Tiger Moth Plush**** oooo
Magic Kimono Wickerbeast Plush ** for the collection
Magic Leviathan Velociraptor Plush
Magic Night Spotted Wickerbeast Plush
Magic Palace Guard Saggitari Plush
Magic Queen Bee Plush
Magic Scarlet King Plush
Warrior Princess Big Cat Plush

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    • Thanks for purchasing from my stall! c:

    • That sounds great! I can't wait :)

    • ahhh i want a raccoon vista so badly but they are so priceyyy

    • They are both from the Music video Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter! :3

    • Haha, thank you so much for the comment! I'm so glad you like it XD

    • Hello Jigga. *u* -waves- It's been a long time since we've chatted any, but I thought I'd say hello.

    • So, did you get a chance to read the book part I sent you?

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