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User ID: #56402
Username: Chromie
Last Online: 1 Apr 2021, 12:10 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:52 am

Profile description

Hiya! Nice to meet you! Always feel free to give me a ping, friend request, or message, I enjoy talking!

Chromie - Washington State - -2 FV time

If you wanna find out my age like a snoop, you can read my super old advice threads. But otherwise I don't see the point.

I'll fix this up at some point uwu

My online times will be very random, but I try to stay on if I have engaged with people recently.

I have severe anxiety and depression, but for the most part this site is my outlet so I stay pretty positive here. Just know I'm a bit sensitive. If I ever lash out please call me out on it, mental illness is not a reason to be a jerk.

I love to roleplay, if you want to interact with any villagers feel free. Or you can message me if you want to rp there.
(Strictly do not do NSFW roleplays)

Other interests:
-art (I have an adopt thread currently)
-coding, mostly for video games
-birds of any kind
-biology and technology (aiming for a Bachelor's degree in these!)
-pokemon and other similar rpgs
-you :) but not in a weird way

Thanks for stopping by! Happy trails!

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    • Oh, it's fine. I don't mind. :3

    • I think I found your profile through a forum post about an rp thingy? Sorry, that's kinda vague, but I'm new to this site so I generally just browse everything and everyone I come across.

    • SchizophrenicVoid Hi! *Fingerguns* Idk how you people are finding my profile, but please excuse any delay in my responses! :D

    • thew0lfsoul Hello! Been very busy with school, hosting a rp, personal issues. so sorry for not responding right away :)

    • Hi, your profile said you don't mind talking, so I thought I'd pop by.

    • *slides into view and finger guns* I'm here and queer, and too weird to say hi like a normal person. *sheepishly slides away again*

    • OMG!
      that is so kind of you!
      thank you very much! <333

      Let me know if you need anything from Olde Foxbury ;)

    • I looked at your chicken babs

      /Their gorgeous/

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