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User ID: #57241
Username: Pixelated_Prophecies
Gender: Demigirl
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 8:00 am

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1 hour ahead of server time ~ They/them pronouns
Flight Rising

Villagers 13

Comments 19

    • Thank you for the trade

    • Thanks for liking Udui!

    • Vali? Vane? Vamp? (Try putting periods/spaces between each letter if FV won't allow it. Profile or pm works...) :)

    • *quirks an eyebrow* V word? :)

    • Can I just...
      Appreciate that profile picture.

    • Ah yeah that makes sense. I chose the second one because I wanted the bug and I barely had any progress anyways. It's kinda a hassle to set everyone back up but tbh I think it was worth it.

    • Not really. I should probably get going with my villagers jobs again but I'm too lazy haha. Which beta reward did you choose?

    • That's just silly. "It's kinda Christmas but not really. Anyways here's a dance have fun" lol.

    • Ah you're lucky! I've been getting three-day weekends quite a bit lately, but no entire weeks off haha. (I was actually just thinkng about thanksgiving the other day (which is weird since I'm in Canada lol) since my school already has a few Christmas decorations up. I think that's kinda crazy.)

    • No, I haven't, sorry. I've seen people on fr saying its pretty good but all I've really used on the computer is my sketchbook thing (I think its called autodesk sketchbook), ms paint (its kinda fun sometimes and it's pretty good for spriting), and sometimes paint.net just because its there haha.

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