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User ID: #57702
Username: TobiKitsune
Last Online: 18 Aug 2017, 12:48 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 10:30 am

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List of OC's Here!
Jack- Doctor
Callan- Explorer/Warrior/Blacksmith/Crafting
Valareon- Herbalist
Astral- Construction Worker/Crafter/Alchemist
Yahtan- Explorer
October- Warrior
Lightning- Explorer
Samhain- Animal Husbandry
Izu- Crafter/Tailor/Warrior
Mako- Doctor
Mizudori- Warrior/Explorer
Ronni- Herbalist/Crafter/Tailor/Alchemist

List of OC's To Make
Lucky- Herbalist
Sabriel- Herbalist
}*Emerald- Tailor
September- Blacksmith
November aka Omega Overlord Noodle of the North- Wild Card
Sora- Construction Worker/Alchemist/Crafter
King- Alchemist/Warrior
Hikaru- Doctor
Remis- Doctor/Blacksmith
Darren- Alchemist/Doctor
Sorren- Alchemist
Vallery- Herbalist/Alchemist
Kyaha- Herbalist/Explorer
Cayenne- Warrior
}*Fennec- Herbalist/Alchemist/Explorer
Lavender- Herbalist/Explorer
Tommy- Explorer/Warrior
Kuro- Warrior/Explorer
Snoodle- Snoodle

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    • Awesome~! I might be asleep by then since it's like 4am here lol but yeah. Thank you again

    • Thank you very much ^ w ^

    • I can take them all of your hands if that's alright~ How many of them need fixing if I may ask? I do have a construction worker so I can fix some of them myself.

    • oh! That would be lovely thank you!

    • That was your lucky find friend I put it in FC instead of FD. Enjoy the Stable and thank you for your business~!.

    • butt butt butt butt

    • STONE IS NOT WOOD!!!!!!!!!!! -.-

    • :O I swear I heard claws clicking on the tile floor, yet what went by was just a blurr!

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