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User ID: #58678
Username: LordDestroyer
Gender: Male 95% of the time
Last Online: 7 Jan 2017, 2:41 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 1:15 pm

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Description coming soon.

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    • Happy new year my friend!

    • Mmm otter moved this to pm <3

    • *eeps and huggles back just as tightly* yaaay snuggly bat <3 I luv bats

    • Oh but of course! Im still an otter afterall <3

    • Indeed c: always active!

    • Hello! Thanks a ton for the maths thing. I kinda forgot to give that another go ^^; got busy you see.

      My story is a long one but ill try to sum it up.

      I come from a hellish dimension called Xivon. Its not like a normal dimension flooding with life and several other planets. It is one gigantic place where the skies are purple and the grass is blue. The waters are highly radiated and glow a bright cyan. There are several ranks of demons and I classify as a lesser demon from my dimension. Not the lowest but still far from the highest. I was able to escape endless torture through an underground labyrinth and build a secret lab where I was able to build a dimensional portal which I can now use to slip out to other dimensions such as this one. Don't worry, others cannot follow with out my DNA from my current body.

      Hugs are the best! you may have some c: *huggles*

    • You're quite welcome!
      I'm half hoarding herbs for the incoming Foxbury rare species, and half inventory selling in order to stabilize their value beforehand. c:

    • Haha yeah, I need to find a way to store more stuff, even getting stuff inside my stall is getting troublesome, almost got 150 items listed and inventory/storage is still getting full.

    • Thanks for selling them! And nah, I just list most of my stuff to save on inventory space.

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