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User ID: #17820
Username: TeyoOtter
Gender: Pineapple
Last Online: 1 Jan 2020, 1:25 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 12:21 am

Profile description

I <3 Techno

I'm just a little demon river otter invading your dimension to get away from endless torture. Want a hug?

Anyway, welcome to my little village! Enjoy your stay c:

I wrote my own stylish theme similar to my profile. I live in a blue world <3

Some places to find me

|My Furaffinity|My Tweeter| My Furrynetwork|
PM for discord details! I will join you or you can join me! your choice if you want an active member <3

You can now also add me on Telegram if you wish <3 Just poke me on here for details.

Some arts I commissioned here <3


click image to see artists behind pictures!
If you wish your commish to be up here, let me know! If I put it there and you don't want it here, let me know!

My profile css is available for use/edits! You can get the text document here!
Any and all CSS used by me is written by me. That includes all the mistakes :D

My profile theme has been updated 12/27/2016
My stylish theme,Teyo Blues, has been updated 12/28/2016
Feel free to take my profile css c:

Villagers 13

Comments 11

    • Thank you for the wonderful gift! ^^

    • Thank you !! I need to add in his info who designed him/who I bought him from but, I never realized how nice his blue really was until now <3 (Also your profile looks spectacular)

    • *jumps in through window* Aaa I love your profile and villagers :000
      Also, haiii

    • Thank you so much for the items!! <3

    • *smiles and wags his tail, nuzzling softly* And I really like otties :)

    • And I ish a cuddlebat! *jumps at you, hugging tightly* ^w^

    • And still cuddly right? :)

    • I wasn't here in months... And weeee this otty is still active ^w^

    • Nah, it's fine. Didn't mean it as a bad/mean thing. I'm kind of the same way with art. c:

    • Hello fellow Earth inhabiting demon! I've been kicked out of the Infernal Star's system as I refused to be evil... And what is your story? I see you come from a different dimension, that sounds interesting!

      Also, I think you mentioned hugs...? I love hugs!

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