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User ID: #59660
Username: Amnesia
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 4:03 pm

Profile description

[ tony ☆ infj ☆ they/them ☆ artist ]
[ aries sun • gemini moon • taurus ascendant ]

all time student • gamer grill • mother of three [cats!]

i love all things goth, space and vaporwave
i have an unholy passion for astrology and witchcraft

═══════════════════════════☽ ═══

i usually accept friend requests from people i know or
at least talked to a few times before!
painties that i've done can be found under the "ia" tag!
ultimately, if you own a paintie done by myself please tag
it accordingly. ♡

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    • Aaa thankyou ;w; yesyes, I am v happy with her and I connect with canines the most (as typical as that is in the furry community). She's been my fursona for over 10 years now and I even have a tattoo of her. n_n ♡ ooh, lovely! :D I'm looking forward to seeing it! If it requires a shifty potion, in the past people would make a separate villager for shifty and on-base painties of the same character, but in fact you can ask Admin-Mat to wardrobe the current on-base paintie for you so it doesn't get lost when you change the villager to a shifty to upload a shifty paintie. I did that with Imoku because I didn't want to lose her original on-base paintie!gosh I hope that makes sense hsgdghd I'm bad at explaining things

    • wAH thankyou so much!! (ノ▽〃) I'm glad you think so, as sometimes I worry that she's generic (being a canine), so thankyou ♡ I think I might've already expressed how much I adore your Ophelia, but if not then: she's perfect and I love her design and paintie! So pretty (♡∀♡)

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoy her. =)

    • I am best model
      I know
      I make best furry

    • Pft, right? Let's just hope it stays this way ;u; <3
      But oh god yes, cause Avril is supposed to be an actual bunny, isn't she? <3

    • omg everything here is so pretty your css and your pets

    • Yuuus, it's just not as toxic and 'grouchy' as other places ;u;
      I've pretty much set this as mah home site <3

      Because I have too much time on my hands on mah days off
      BUT HELL, AVRIL IS SO CUTE ;; omg all of mah yas <3

    • Your ccs...those hearts...I NEED ;;
      But yuuus, managed to just barely snag an account before the beta closed ;u;
      And turns out, this place is pretty nifty, I loves eet <33
      AND HAI ~

    • How did you get a background image? I've been trying for about an hour but no luck

    • Did you do your profile CSS? It is very pretty!

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