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User ID: #1961
Username: Takopus
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:18 pm

Profile description

hi! i'm takopus here on furvilla, tako everywhere else on the 'net
calling me cass is a-ok too! it's my name, afterall!
i'm 28, female, & live with my fiance rhturn4025 and our stinky pup sadi
we both access from the same IP!
i don't use tumblr, but i'm a pinterest fiend
aries with moon in virgo - livin up to the stereotypes
i love pet sites and designing characters.
i'm fairly friendly and like helping out where i can!
be aware: i am online sporadically!

719-tabby-sphinx-cat.png 720-tuxedo-sphinx-cat.png451-blue-chirp.png
plumwined @ dA
ask about paintie commissions, always open!
~~ -- ~~
takopus @ goatlings
tako #11595 @ furry-paws
kinwell @ subeta

css by me. bg pattern by colourlovers, edited/palette by me
bouncing furvilla logo by noll
unless otherwise stated, ALL painties/characters/designs are by me.
takopus' base is not F2U, please do not ask.

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    • Loving your Takopus so much! I have an alien sphynx with a tentacle tail just the same, and I absolutely love seeing other people use more unusual combinations for their OCs ♡

    • You aren't terrible! Enjoy the gift!

    • Takopus is such a clever name

    • Hello friend hope u are well xx

    • i signed up, how do i do crap here. minigames?

    • Thank you again ahh!! <33

    • sorry for the late reply! luckily the cloudogs are back in stalls and I can afford the price they are at, so I'm not concerned about it anymore! thank you though ;w;

    • Thanks a bunch! And I love your profile's CSS and art.

    • Ahh, when your next batch of frosted are done, could I trade you for one?

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