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Username: FlummyFlumOx
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Last Online: 22 Nov 2020, 5:10 pm
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EDIT: I do not want to delete my bio since it's history of how I was when I was younger, but I would like to say that I'm 19 going on 20 now and It's so cool to be an adult. Please check out my twitter which is now @GalaxieMadchen!! I post sick art and comment about stuff c:.

{ In a very lovely relationship with my boyfriend Cesar <3 }

Hello! Call me Flummy, Flum, Avelk, or just my name, Alyssa! I love to draw digitally! I've been drawing since I was 6. I enjoy all types of artwork! From traditional, to digital, to Chibi styles, Lineless, Lines, Paint splattered, ETC! You name it, I love it! I do art commissions as you can see at the top left corner of my page. There, you can see some of my examples! I make pretty decent art and if you're looking for something just like that, I am your guy!

As you may know, I love the games My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters - Dawn of Fire. Most of my art is based on just that! Though at times I draw other things. Such as non-fandom related OC's like Molly and Natasha. They are my cute lesbug Mantis OC's. Though most of my characters originate from My Singing Monsters. I am surely nice too so don't be scared to talk to me! I may sound a bit too, uh, normal at first. But TRUST ME. aRE YOU ALYSSANING TO ME--*ignore that my sister says that lol* Trust me, I am a very quirky and eccentric person once I feel safe talking with you. I make a lot of friends on here and on Twitter! I have not big of a reputation but enough to keep me happy. If you want, Follow me on Twitter or contact me on Hangouts!



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