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I'm just a Canadian who likes to make memes and jokes. Please PM me if you have a funny idea for a joke. Thanks.

Taurus | Canadian | Christian | Conservative | Authoritarian | Lawful Good | Author | ESFP | Sanguine/Blood | 7w8 or 2w3 (tests unclear) | Heterosexual | Cis gender Female

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    • Aw!! Thank you! I'm glad. :') Explaining things respectfully and in clear terms is important (at least I think so)! Taking care of animals in a healthy, respectful way is definitely a Big Thing that I strive to do in life! Do you have any pets? :)

    • Agree, agree and... totally agree with you! x)

      Yep, not only does this ancient language consist of letters that are totally unsimilar to the ones we have, but it also has (some/a lot of) words and phrases that you must say differently by whom or what gender you speak to.
      At least that is what I want to think when I ask my dad how to say (for example) I love you and he replies To a girl or a boy - and at first I was like what xD then later when I asked for more various things (such as how the letters things works in Israel), I quickly realized and understood the complexity within the language plus how much time and effort it actually would take me to learn it by him.
      Mhm, I also find this language very interesting! :o

      Oh, cool I think learning Spanish and French first, sounds more important, yep yep! c:
      Later on it would be REALLY funny and cool to amaze your friends by suddenly talking Hebrew to them hahaha they would not understand anything, wouldn't they? :D

      Really? You think my English is that good? W-wow, thanks a lot!!~ *-*

    • Ah, I see. Awesome choices! x)

      How cool that you did a Hebrew inspired name! :D I love Hebrew, do you? I wish I had more time to let my father teach me everything inside this language, but... err... the language seems to be one of the hardest languages ever, to learn (by MY opinion)! ^^;

      Excuse me for asking such sudden questions;
      ~~my (nick)name is Drudi as you most likely already have seen, and I am always open for a nice chat! (No matter how bad my ripped English is! x´D)

    • Thank you for buying from my stall!

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