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User ID: #67071
Username: Drudi
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 Jul 2017, 7:19 am
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 7:30 am

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Hello! I am just another animal fan. ( gaupeungen from IG )
~~~ ✫ ~~~~ ⋆♡☆~~~~~ ϟ ~❅❆❤❆❅~ ϟ ~~~~~☆♡⋆ ~~~~ ✫ ~~~

RIP Drudi - 2016
Last login: 8 Jul 2017, 7:22 am (FurVilla Time)
Logged out for forever on the day I started...
It was nice being part of the community! Thank you so much everyone for having been so nice to me! If you wish to stay in contact with me, you can stalk me on my Instagram. Bye!~

Drudi is currently:
❥ 1. Very confused...?
❥ 2. Quitting this.
❥ 3. Going forward in life.

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    • Huska akkurat at jeg pleide å følge deg på ig haha

    • No problem :D Enjoy <3

    • I don't know much CSS but I do know there's plenty helpful folks! Looks like you got it though XD

    • Thank you kindly. I am still far from done adding them all but dang it takes progressively longer, lmao.

      (Also could you make it so text in the comment post box is white too? It's hard to read without highlighting XD)

    • "Jeymar looks so cute and awesome! Poor dude is blank on money ? D:
      Hey Oliver, why not let me gift you a certain amount of FC for this cool villager to have and use? :D If that would help a lot, I would gladly do so ^o^

      No happy Jeymar without any coins to use when his birthday arrives, right?"

      Oh no, no that's perfectly fine! That's alright thank you XD

    • Oh yeah, I'm finding a lot of other languages change phrasing/words based on what gender you are speaking to. It can be a little frustrating to pick up, but once I realized that English seems to be one of the only languages that doesn't do that, I got angry at English. LOL

      Hahaha yes it would be! I think knowing more then one language is commendable,

    • Sure, PM me whenever. :3

    • Hahaha, sudden questions are totally okay!

      I've never tried to learn Hebrew, but I do respect the language, especially given how old it is! I think it'd be really interesting to learn one day, but I've been trying to pick up Spanish for now haha. (And eventually French, as it is very useful in Canada haha)

      I could see how it'd be difficult to learn, it uses a different alphabet, doesn't it? That always makes it much trickier :S And to be honest I don't think I would of known your English is off if you didn't mention it to me first! :) It's very good.

    • eep thankyou <33 and I'm not that great with CSS (I used mostly codes from here but if there's anything I can help you with then yes I'd be happy to help!

    • <3 no problem! you're the sweet one! uwu
      aaaa thanks again ;w; !! I am pretty happy with my profile, heheh. Couldn't have done it without cro though (I see you used the same resource, pretty helpful huh?) Also, yes, aquamarine and purple are my favourite colours! (as you can see by my fursona's hair, keheh) they go so well together! owo

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