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Villager: Neomi

Hi I am awesome pet


Villager Info

ID: #134863

Name: Neomi

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Doctor

Owner: Drudi

Species: Rabbit

Color: Spotted Lop


House: FurCoin House

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Based on a real rabbit my sister once owned.
Teehe, that dwarf rabbit was a very stubborn too. She would never eat while I were looking a her. She always growled at me when I put my hand down in the cage, especially when my hand was near her feeding bowl.
I remember getting a cool big wound from her when I was just going to help clean the cage we use outside.

Want more interesting and funny stories + information about her? Let me know in the comments! :}
Edit: I will, but I do not know when I will get that time ;c
I can tell you when it happens

Comments 12

    • I'd love to see more interesting/funny stories about her! :D And maybe a picture, if you have any~

    • Thank you! I definitely put a lot of time and effort into his bio. :3 And since you said to let you know in the comments, yes- you should put more interesting/funny stories about your character!

    • Thank you~ Nikki fits him so well to be quite honest. But yeah, we've noticed that with the whole gendering thing. Poor bby's parts were so swollen when we got him back v.v He's doing just great now though~ We washed them up, and now their 'having fun under the sun' with like 15 water jugs in their cage XD

      Your bun bun sounds very cute btw

    • Hey thanks for the comments on my panties (:

    • I was close enough, heh.

    • Uhhh... You bit someone once..?

    • *Jokingly* I'm psychic. :)

    • You're a kind little rabbit, I'm sure

    • That's just who I am, heh. ;)

    • A newcomer .. why hello there *smirk*

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