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User ID: #67358
Username: Sylvette
Gender: Female
Registered: 8 Jul 2016, 10:23 am

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My time is 13 hours ahead of furvilla

Anons in this game are too kind ;u;

Finally decided to quit Furvilla! Only using FV for buying/selling designs!

Toyhouse: Sylvette
Sylestia and Flightrising: Sylvette (Inactive in these sites)
Sylveete or EasyAutumn on DA

Art waiting:
hibiscuit-rose - Halloween Mythic Fox Paintie
DividebyZiro - Cancelled? Till a later date

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    • I'd like the TH transfer! my username is alphametics, and I'll toss you the FD in just a moment :>

    • Hi!! I hope I can message you here about it, I have not figured out TH yet. Could I buy your catsune from you for FD?

    • this reply is morbidly late, i'm so sorry! D'': i hope you've been doing well n' taking real good care of yourself, yeah?? ♡ but i 100% agree, cartoons always end up being trickier than they look! i like the flexibility though, the way you can manipulate anatomy to be all loosey-goosey! it's cute and enjoyable, both to look at and draw! c'':

    • WOW, THANK YOU!!!!! she's so adorable in your style and I love how you colored her eyes!!! ;0; thank you so much friend!!!!!!

    • heh,yeah. it's a bit too op,especially since they copyrighted saying 'angel dragons' like no honey
      i actually created two characters out of spite :)

    • I love your profile CSS, and your active is so cute <3

    • aaaagh i know i'm utterly in love with ye olde style! there's something so cute about the way they draw Mickey's lil' facial features and those dorky shorts of his! ♡ inspires me to make an OC of sorts based around the same style... huhhhm maybe someday! ^-^''
      best of luck with your next essay, I'm sure you'll do mighty fine! I'll be cheering you on from afar!

    • That's very true, actually! :''0 i just worry it'd end up getting on other people's nerves. i don't want to lose you any customers! [that probably sounds so silly but gosh i'm a worrier ^^''']
      congratulations on finishing your assignment, i'm super proud of you! make sure you spoil yourself over the weekend, okay?? you deserve it!
      and don't worry yourself about replying to pm's or anything, take all the time you need!

    • gently takes my reply to your thread into the comment section bc aaa i'm sorry for crapping up your forum D'': it's for commissions and i always end up blabbering at you!
      but thank you so much for all those sweet things you said, i'll blush myself silly at this rate! ♡
      here's a link to the Mickey Mouse cartoon, it's a good giggle: boop
      i may just have to rewatch it myself, it's far too precious!

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