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User ID: #69560
Username: KitsukiFire
Gender: Female
Last Online: 15 Jun 2020, 5:26 pm
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 9:11 pm

Villagers 5

Comments 34

    • Ah ok! Tysm <3

    • I use picresize.com. it's not the best but hey that's the only decent one I found lmao. Also the character I want u to draw is this soon to be paintie:p


    • wait- you do art on your phone?.. thats really impressive! :0

    • aha no worries! ;w; i think sizing the art is pretty easy though! all i do is find a website that resizes stuff aaaand of course keeps the quality!

    • Heya ! I apologize for bothering you but do you happen to do icon commisions? I'm kinda looking for a person that can make an icon for my oc :0 if you do, I can pay you in pets from my menagerie or other stuff ya want! I really like your art that's y I'm asking

    • Yes actually, I do lol. My TH is Lemontart
      I'm glad you liked it! <33

    • Heya friend! It's been awhile yeah? I've made you some art of your oc, Skylar for ya
      This ones traditional but when I've got more time ill make u a digital version <3

    • *swoons* I love skylar :o

    • do you have any specific ocs you'd like me to draw for you?

    • practice? dont think you need any lol. im actually gonna redraw your villager because the first one i did for you didnt look that good :O hopefully i can do a fullbody this time

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