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User ID: #70349
Username: Deilich
Gender: Female
Last Online: 3 Jan 2018, 9:23 am
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 9:05 am

Profile description

Good Evening!
Inherently depressed nervous wreck. I guess I do art, too.
I lurk because I'm scared.
tho not even really a furry i just love the art pls i love you guys dont hate me
Tumblr /dA/Buy me coffee, get art?

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Comments 22

    • I saw the same art Kroe saw aaa, do you do comms? <3

    • The art you did of ricecakes fish character, sticks, is so freaking adorable!!

    • At thanks my dude, your icon is adorable!!

    • I love your forum signature~

    • I feel like we are having a candy fight, is that what this is?

    • AAAAAAAAA, more stuff from the adorable batty!
      Thank youuuuu ^w^

    • Same here x///3

      And pumpkins for that delicious good karma x3

    • Same here,I'm swimming in Candy, pumpkins, points and all x///3

      And hehe, you're very welcome~ ^w^
      And that really doesn't surprise me one bit :3

    • Thankies fur the candy ^w^

      Adorable batty by the way, and I love that picture on your profile too >w<

    • no problem! happy to do so~

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