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User ID: #71163
Username: steeldino
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 3:14 pm

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Hello, I'm steeldino!
For some reason I still can't get the hang of this site, so my apologies for any mishaps.
I enjoy doing doodles from time to time. Although I don't own any painties myself, I do whip some up occasionally.
I'm a shy person, so I don't really visit the forums and chat much. If I seem quiet, that's most likely why.
Thank you for visiting my profile!
(Also thank you to all anons/fairies/etc. ;A;)

tumblr_om6r7an1p01u6jubvo1_100.png Potion by user Fiskie
I'm probably going to tinker with the css later on.

To do list:
Make painties for my OCs
Hoard recycling points
purge invo of food

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    • I don't really know what to say...
      Are you sure? ;_;

    • Ahhh, you're welcome, you didn't really have to give me anything though ;_;

    • You're awesome <3 I'm good for the others, thanks again!! You're welcome to use my doorstep for karma all you like! Happy halloween <33

    • !!! Thankyou so much ;0; what would you like in return? I have lotsa bony ectos!!

    • You're welcome! I must say, I do enjoy throwing candy at strangers. :>

    • Thank you for the candy! ^o^

    • Thank you for the candy! :3

    • Thanks for the candy! ^^

    • You're very welcome~ :)

    • Deeeleeeciousss candy
      Thank you!

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