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User ID: #103961
Username: Espoir
Gender: Female
Registered: 28 Aug 2017, 12:03 am

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Artist | Foodie | Traveler

I'm not really sure what to write about myself... but hello~ I look forward to getting to know everyone ^^

(willing to bulk buy at lower prices -- in quantities of 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 etc... up to 3000 at a time if i have the funds)

All Rare Seeds for 80FC or less.
All Uncommon Seeds for 50FC or less.
All Common Seeds for 40FC or less.


If you would like to commission me, please message me (or ping me, when i make an art shop xD) as it is easier for me to keep track of.

I may accept $USD (preferable, but i can also take other currencies as long as it is the USD equivalent), FD, FC, and/or Wishlist items depending on what sort of artwork you want (i.e the more detailed the artwork, the more higher the price).

COMMISSIONS: (Flight Rising)

If you're also on Flight Rising...

I will also look at offers with Gems, Treasure (as partial payment, unless you have a lot to offer. No lowball offers please ;_;), Gem Genes (Opal/Glimmer, may be interested in Capsule also), Sprites (mostly after Fire, Wind, Plague, and Light Sprites right now), and older festival apparel (like Metallurgist's Forgetools, Archivist's Spellscroll, Windbound Plumage, Electrician's Power Pack, etc).

But feel free to send me offers with other items of value as well such as Unhatched Eggs (no Nocturne Eggs... unless it's a lot of them :c), Gem Apparel bundles, Gem Familiars, etc as partial payment (no G1s (Gen 1s) though, please... as i already have too many dragons of my own ;_; ).

Bribes are for more finished pieces e.g complex designs and/or painted headshots/busts/waist-ups/thigh-ups/fullbodies as they can take anywhere from 10 hours to a week of painting.


Currently looking for:
FD, Paintie Tickets, Gembound Villager/Potion/Magical Plush/s, Shifty Potion/Plush/s, Mythic Costume/s, Sorcerer Costume/s, Warrior Costume/s, Angelic Costume/s, Royal Costume/s, items for my warrior Villagers, common, uncommon, and rare seeds and plants from all villages.

Villagers 13

Comments 65

    • No problem! I have a ton of them. My gallery is still full. Haha

    • damn! you like to buy of me

    • Yep I have added all of your tickets x3

    • lol matching names would be hilarious

    • oh its ok, i dont really collect or use pets anyways! dont worry about it :3 and yeah the name fuzzlebutt is amazing lol

    • i know you just got them, but if youd ever be willing to sell or trade fuzzlebutt please let me know! im in love with that paintie

    • Merry belated Christmas. :)

    • Thank you so much! <3

    • Tysm for buying from my stall! Its really appreciated! <3

    • hey thnks for buyin all the stuff,, someone told me about a discard button and now i can discard the rest <33
      if u want i can give u ur FC back!! i just wanted to get rid of the candies ugh

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