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    • Thank you, the only thing I felt I should change was the Shifty Morphing Potion, so I changed that to any morphing potion but Gem Raptor, and I guess I reworded my stall stuff, since I see how that could be interpreted as BUY SOMETHING THAT'S SUPER EXPENSIVE. The problem is, I have trouble coming up with things that I want. Currently, I'm saving up for an adopt, so the only thing I really want is FC >_<

    • You're welcome! Glad you like it! ^^

    • You're welcome and thanks for the jelly!

    • You're welcome! ^^

    • Thank you so very much!

    • In that case, if a center is close to closing time you should try calling it so they know you're coming if you have an injured animal, they are more than happy to stay open an extra hour or two if it means taking in an animal that needs to be cared for, if the place is already closed your best second option is calling a local professional that can give you instructions on what to do and possibly refer you to a place or person who you're able to drop the animal with or have them come pick it up

      People who are in it to save the animals are more than willing to do anything to help them, whether it be staying open for a bit longer after closing hours or driving a few miles to pick up an injured animal

      If you suspect that your cat got an animal and it's still alive it's best to get it checked as soon as possible

      Also thank you it took me almost 4 years to get that many lol you should see how many villagers Luckyclaw and MeloNeko have

    • Look, no one said you should leave injured animals alone to die if the cat gets them, we literally told you that if you ever find an injured animal you need to call a professional immediately, our problem is not that you are trying to save these animals, our problem is that you are trying to take care of these animals without consulting a professional and making up excuses as to why you can't contact one or making up excuses as to why you can't put the perfectly fine looking fledgling back where you found it and unnecessarily keeping it in your care for two days

      If the hole where the nest is in is already looking like it was destroyed that means the parents destroyed it so the fledglings can get out and learn how to forage, they don't need to be in the nest anymore, you and your parents should also know that this woodpecker is federally protected and it's illegal to handle them without a license so if this bird dies under your care you can get in a LOT of legal trouble, if you are not going to call a rehabber at least put the bird back where you found it so it at least has a chance at getting into contact with its parents again, keeping the bird in your care for two days is only going to lessen its chances of survival and it may die before you get the chance of taking it to a wildlife center

      I get being a kid and that taking care of animals is something that looks like fun and wanting to try and save every animal that you think needs help, but you do not possess the knowledge and experience needed to do it, this is why we keep pressing you to call rehabbers ASAP so the animal can be put into professional care immediately, you mentioned taking the baby bunnies you found to a rescue as soon as possible but this is obviously not what happened since you mentioned earlier in the thread that you avoided going to such a place because of the injury not looking like it was serious enough and the bunny eventually passing away from it, avoid these scenarios in the future by actually calling a rehabber or wildlife center the moment you find it, not after trying to take care of the animal only to find out that it needs to go to a rescue anyway because it's condition worsened

      Please stop trying to take care of animals you have no knowledge of taking care of and don't ask for advice in places where there are no professionals who can give you the advice you need to know, it is so very very VERY important that you only take in animals that are injured and that you call a professional to come pick it up immediately, don't try to nurse them yourselves, and leave animals with no visible injuries or illness alone because they do not need any help from you, let nature do its thing, and keep an eye on the cats when they're outside so they don't cause any more harm to the wildlife

    • Candycorn is a gift that keeps on giving

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