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Username: MirrorTheHorse
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 10 Sep 2017, 10:13 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:19 pm

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~ftm_by_agent_pits-d9micc2.png he_him_by_agent_pits-d88i5w6.png~
I am a tiny fragile Ferret child who is secretly a super gay rock from space. I love Autumn, everything Horror, candy gore, Steven Universe, and TONS of different types of music and bands. ASK ME ABOUT STEVEN UNIVERSE AND MUSIC
~Have an amazing day~
~Remember, your life matters, your feelings matter, you are 100% valid, and nothing can change that~

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    • Oh really? What a coincidence! Hiya!

    • i dont mean to say in any way that she's >evil<, but her morals are pretty dark to be considered all that good. and i still don't trust her, though i do think she'll get an episode later on where shell be "redeemed." considering this show, i doubt she wouldn't get more episodes :p

    • tbh i was pretty sure it as gonna go down that road

    • Thanks for the seeds!

    • oH my god, ok, that was a rollercoaster! as soon as amethyst said that she had a bad feeling about her though, i immediately didn't trust her... and i still can't beleive i was right. :( there was just something... wrong about her shenanigans before we found out that stuff? and then afterward it was... really dark. my god

    • nah i saw the episode on tv, and have a daily motion user i check if i miss it! thank you very much tho!

    • oh my goodness, me too. i watched that episode 3 times and have cried about it like 5 times :,)

    • i know, the poor babe. i hope she gets to beat jasper someday

    • Thanks so much!

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