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User ID: #73944
Username: Carrot_Ankle
Gender: Male
Last Online: 27 Jan 2022, 7:05 pm
Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 6:12 pm

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    • *sees your profile* i love you <3

    • you're still a fabulous carrot 8)

    • you are so kind, thank you very much! ^^

    • thank you so much!!! ;w; do you need any money in exchange????

    • Big thanks for the candies~<3

    • Thankies for all of that candy~ ^w^

    • lol, you've made my "candy-spammer" list on my profile! Congratulations!
      I will try to return the spam-favour as soon as I can, cos you deserve candy overload as well!

    • Alrighty, don't drown in candy 'cause it's not healthy! :')

    • I'm slightly drowning in candy here......going to be a bit slow responding cos I've got well over 50 notifications atm

    • <3

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