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Things I'm a big fan of (I love to talk about these stuff):
- THE SUPER EUROBEAT SERIES. Eurobeat is my life and passion. Nothing can compare with the energetic vocals and the cheesy, catchy electronic riffs which make each song unique and memorable. I wish I had more friends who listened to Eurobeat. They call my music choices trashy.
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Its my favourite manga series and probably will be a forever fan of it. I love the characters in every arc, each with different stands, personalities and objectives. My favourite characters are Kira and Pucci. I only read the entirety of the series via manga, I haven't seen the anime yet. I don't even watch anime in general, I mostly only read manga. Sorry.
- I'm starting to listen to a bunch of bands other than eurobeat. Some of my favourite bands so far are: King Crimson, Bad Company, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Foreigner, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and a few others. I'd like others to recommend me bands that they like here. Its very appreciated.

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    • Super-Star-Ari its basically about the bloodline of the joestar family some blond guy ruined, and each generation they have different villains to fight:
      the first jojo, jonathan, has to fight his adopted blond brother called dio who turned into a vampire because he wants to
      the second jojo, joseph, fights four aztec stripper gods of fitness because they want to take over the world
      the third jojo, jotaro, fights dio the vampire again because even though he was beheaded in the first jojo arc he stole jonathan''s body and survived.
      the fourth jojo, josuke (the guy who you said looked like robbie rotten) is joseph's illegitimate son who tracks down and kinkshames a serial killer for his fetish for hands
      the fifth jojo, giorno, is dio's son who wants to say no to drugs and joins a gay mafia with concerning fashion choices to destroy the split personality mafia boss to get rid of the shady drug business
      the sixth one, jolyne, is jotaro's daughter who fights dio's boyfriend, a priest who wants to get rid of the jojo bloodline because he wants to avenge dio. the priest wins and resets the universe, creating a totally different jojo after that
      the seventh jojo is johnny, the new jojo who emerged from the new universe. he fights dio (who is now a dinosaur) and the united states president
      the eighth jojo, gappy, lost his memories and we still havent got the main villain he's going to fight yet

    • Isn't Jojo's Bizarre Adventure some anime where a guy named Jojo talks to his family which they all are named Jojo?

    • Super-Star-Ari the guys ive spammed in my comment section is a terribly translated manga i've read for fun, which is jojo's bizarre adventure part 4. thought it was pretty nice to put it up on this section like some art gallery, haha

      also thanks for the little italian phrase you taught me! thats a pretty cool word!

    • My singing teacher speaks italian and i'll I know is Bel Cantos means beautiful singers in itaian if that helps ;-; Also, the guy in the comment that said, "Are you ok, r word?" l00ks like Robbie Rotten :O

    • Brother... don't be dong

    • My nam is, ( u dont need to remember) Guanglai Kangyi

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