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Last Online: 27 Dec 2021, 11:30 am
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Hello! My name is KK (like Karkat.) I'm fifteen, an artist, and a really hyper little.
On the DMM Pattern Book sales, I have tons of books that are ready to be sold! They're in my stall, so you can take a look at them if you would like!
I can also make you potions! Every regular morph to the rare ones! All you have to do is either supply the mats, or pay the amount that it costs to make the potions (Commons are 250 FC I think, and SR are 25k.) All I ask for is a 5% tax fee, just like the stalls do.
I'll be adding more and editing later, I'm just tired at looking at pastel at the moment.
All coding comes from
here!I would credit everyone's that I've used, but I can't quite recall them all.

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    • jimmyrobot15

      Ohh!! Yeah, that was this past Friday n all :33 Prom was fun n all, I loved it aa

    • ScissorMouth

      in these two forums, because both you seem you need help.
      I don't know if I might be eligible to help on either one of them.

    • I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw "Furry Hell" at the top of the screen. XD

    • awwwww. I wish I can help you. ;n;

    • Eridan is the best troll grub. I will stand by that

    • @myfuzzykins

      Oh!! I got a troll grub adopt off of dA. Pretty kawaii. But I think tavros as a grub is pretty heckin adorbs

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