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User ID: #7501
Username: Stolz
Gender: Male
Last Online: 24 Oct 2017, 11:05 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:28 pm

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gOMDQCl.gif michael | 21 | male | he/him gOMDQCl.gif

hello I'm Stolz! I love reptiles, amphibians and bugs! if you need help identifying any of these, I can do my best, but I'll probably need a photo!

dear anonymous gifters: thank you so much wow!! you're very kind!

gOMDQCl.gif [url=windkonig.tumblr.com]tumblr[/url] gOMDQCl.gif


my pets:
poncho (bearded dragon)
mr president (leopard gecko)
vice president (leopard gecko
mocho (american toad)
small jr (american toad)


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    • Hops to you, leaves a gives a lil kiss on ur cheek and hops off into the distance

    • My pal are you stolz in Recolor.me too

    • your profile!! It looks so good!!!!!!!!!

    • Ah same tho it was getting very toxic for me and I was having troubles where I couldn't make myself look away from the trolls and such so I had someone put a restriction on my account so I can't go into forums or chat ;3; I'm kinda cray

    • yeah i'm the same ricey, i'm not on Rec anymore tho.

      but don't run away I won't do anything depressive!! ; A;/

    • Hey there! c:

    • Thank you for the comment on Borgia :D

    • aA


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