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Art by TeaHunter

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    • My biggest hope would be that she wasn't someone who is already floating around the stories and is a totally new character. Also, can we get a story about Jayne and Hadrian already? Every other Sentella member has gotten a story except her.

    • Which one was Zarya again? Was she Darling's wife? If so, completely agree. She was vile and repugnant. As far as the female leads go, other than Kiara, Sharahara, and Caillen's wife, Julien's was the only other one I could tolerate.

    • Any time!

    • It would work for a first crush, but I think she did a similar age gap with Nyk and Kiara, and while it worked once, I don't think she should do it again.

    • The seem ill-fit, Chayden and Thia.

    • It didn't frustrate you that Kenyon recycled a bunch of the story from other books?

    • Did you read Bastien's book yet?

    • Have fun with him~♡♡

    • I'd love to see him with a paintie x3 ♡ but ye~! If you have the room I can send him right over!

    • Oh no it's perfectly fine :) I don't mind. I need to downsize on my villagers anyway and I think you're a grest person so it's no trouble!

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