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User ID: #76152
Username: Soni
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 11:48 am

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Please do not send me friend requests! I will deny them all unless I immediately know who you are. I am NOT active here anymore!

if you need me, please contact me on dA (Soniartsy), Toyhou.se (Soni) and I may give you my discord/Steam/Battle.net depending on if I know you or not.. Deviantart is currently the best way to get my attention.
I keep coming back to messages asking me about commissions/painties/friend request and I am NOT active here.


Soni | Female | Artist | Asexual/Aromantic | Probably a bunch of cats in a trenchcoat pretending to be a person |
Same time zone as FV time!

Find me at the links below or:


Art by me!

Top Animal Crossing style icons and forum avatar by Imoku !

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    • Thank you for purchasing! :) (X3)


    • aaaaa oh my gosh thank you so much!!!
      happy holidays!!

    • oh no you don't have to i just forget to edit that post

    • I feel that. I had so many dragons waiting to be exalted that I didn't have space to hatch anymore (oops.)

    • Ahh yes being able to trade between FR and FV is really nice xD I have so many gems I need to convert into FD aha....

    • Haha I don't mind helping if I happen to know the answer to something. And thank you ;w; Jingles is one of my current loves and the fact Vero is purple makes me super happy because it's my favorite color too xD (Inari is super cute too, like wow. I hadn't looked at your profile before and he's adorable ;u; )

    • No worries! I had to get ready for church anyways. And thank you!!

    • Thank you for trade! <3

    • Thank you so much again for the tip. <3

    • Yes I plan on offering breeding throughout the vent so please feel free to drop by again tomorrow!

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