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User ID: #76152
Username: Soni
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 11:48 am

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Please do not send me friend requests! I will deny them all unless I immediately know who you are. I am NOT active here anymore!

if you need me, please contact me on dA (Soniartsy), Toyhou.se (Soni) and I may give you my discord/Steam/Battle.net depending on if I know you or not.. Deviantart is currently the best way to get my attention.
I keep coming back to messages asking me about commissions/painties/friend request and I am NOT active here.


Soni | Female | Artist | Asexual/Aromantic | Probably a bunch of cats in a trenchcoat pretending to be a person |
Same time zone as FV time!

Find me at the links below or:


Art by me!

Top Animal Crossing style icons and forum avatar by Imoku !

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    • Becky lemme smash

    • thank you!

    • my fa is yougotta 'v' im working on getting a bank account for commissions (it has a lot of paperwork rip) but that should be sorted out in the next few months ;v;

    • Hey don't worry about it. <3 trust me, I get it. Just focus on you. I'll always be here when you need me. :)

    • YOOOO you know about Dappervolk as well? I wasn't sure if anyone else did but yeah!!! Super excited to see it go up! I've never been around for the start of a website before so I'm looking forward to it!
      Man, I need to get back into art as well hhhhh haha It's such an honor for you to want to commission me though!! Oh gosh thank you, that gets me all flustered aaah
      Thanks for the well wishes!!! I hope the same for you my dude!!!!!

    • Ah! I've been doing okay!!! School starts up soon so I've been super busy!!
      It's good to know you're still active around these parts!! Sadly I've been losing interest in playing but it's nice to come back to every now and then!

    • Eeep thankyou!! ;w; yeah I should check it more really xD;;

    • Oh god that's me too! That's why my "[LF] art" thread has so many pages. I'm so picky about my OCs it's so bad lmao. I need to really work on getting my characters profiles and stuff set up. Especially if I wanna participate in art fight this upcoming year. Gotta have their Do's and Don't's and what not and actually get off my butt and start writing their story!

      God I love OCs so much man. There's just...so much you can do with them. They can be and do anything and just aaaaaaaah~

    • You dont have to explain yourself. A gift is a gift and I appreciate it very much <3

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