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User ID: #76152
Username: Soni
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 11:48 am

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Please do not send me friend requests! I will deny them all unless I immediately know who you are. I am NOT active here anymore!

if you need me, please contact me on dA (Soniartsy), Toyhou.se (Soni) and I may give you my discord/Steam/Battle.net depending on if I know you or not.. Deviantart is currently the best way to get my attention.
I keep coming back to messages asking me about commissions/painties/friend request and I am NOT active here.


Soni | Female | Artist | Asexual/Aromantic | Probably a bunch of cats in a trenchcoat pretending to be a person |
Same time zone as FV time!

Find me at the links below or:


Art by me!

Top Animal Crossing style icons and forum avatar by Imoku !

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    • Ahhh. I feel you. :( I finally hopped on meds as advised by my doctor after a bought of panic attacks several times a day for a few weeks. I'm glad to say I've been on a much better track since then.

    • Hope you're well. ^^ <3

    • your art is so gorgeous i cry

    • Hurray!! *shoos your drawing slump*

    • Yay! You're almost there :D What else do you need? :DD
      You will stay my friend and we will be friend buddies :D

    • Will do~

    • I have all the costumes I needed/want at the moment! :D

    • 'Cause you're my friieeend :D

    • AAAAAAA yes I would love that. I'll have to let you know as soon as I renew my membership ;u;

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