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User ID: #78396
Username: Naon
Gender: Female
Last Online: 11 Jun 2021, 1:19 pm
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 10:52 am

Profile description

Same user known as Naon from Ovipets. Feel free to drop me a friend request anytime on there or on here. Anyone posing as me who can not message you from my account on Ovi or here is not me.

My Wishlist / Trade Thread
Click Here

Actively Seeking:
2 & 3 Digit Villagers
4 Digit Villagers
Decorated Snowbunny / Fox
Gembound Plushies Used is OK!
SR / Limited Pets
SR Plushies
Fur Emporium Vistas
Gembound Morphing Potion For my collection

Semi Want:
Sword of Discourse
Paintie Ticket Packs
Shifty Potions

Pending Trades:

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Villagers 11

Comments 32

    • would you trade ur rainbow cat vista for FC instead of FD?

    • Oh alright! Sorry to bother you haha <33

    • Are you interested in any items for one of your Magic Black Rose Gembound plushes?

    • Wow, thanks for buying! :D

    • I would love to buy one of your aquarium aquaticats but yours aren't at lowest stall anymore :0

    • Interested in a clownfish manokit plush? Magic of course

    • All your villager are gorgeous! Sorry to randomly post this :') but I couldn't help looking at your beauties.

    • Would you like to buy an Apple fruit tree bat!!

    • I love your profile picture! I literally just got the game a few days ago

    • that would be great! I also collect velociraptor plushes.

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