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Username: TheRareKitty
Gender: toes
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 2:03 pm

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    • pfffFFF nah it's oBVISOUSLY Izu-

      yeah pretty much

    • D o I see Todoroki

    • Hah, I've tried many a times. I suck. x3 no two ways about it. One day I'll get around to figuring something out. :3

    • <3 I doubt I'm nice, but I try to put my best foot forward. When I'm not being a meme. :)

      I can tell you're a sweetie tho! And your Css is goals. o wo

    • Yesssss ok but tbh they all need love,,,lemme hug them all blease

    • why yes, it is the earth's best waifu, froppy. I saw her and I just couldn't keep myself from drawing her

    • hi, i was just wondering how the animated pixel buttons were going..?

    • sobs thats so kind of you to say tbh thank you ;v;;;; <333

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