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Username: TheRareKitty
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    • what's up stinky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Owo yes it is!!!

    • i saw that you locked the pride thread,so i thought i'd help out and answer your question

      no. cisgender heterosexual people cannot celebrate pride month. if you're bisexual,trans,or anything like that,you can celebrate. last pride month,someone on twitter got the tag #StraightPrideDay trending. It blew up with alot of rage about how straights don't get to celebrate and the like because we have nothing to be proud about,or something along those lines. I don't quite remember. But I'm glad that you locked the thread (or maybe a mod locked it) because you likely would've gotten yelled at. if you're sad about there being no straight buttons,you can always get an ally button! it's the heterosexual flag with an A shape on it to show that you support those rad LGBT peeps


      uuuhhh sort of? like I know of it

    • Wait but what about the villains and Endeavour??? ://

    • except Mineta, he’s not welcome

    • Entire Bakusquad is needed

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Hey maybe even a Bakugo!!

    • ...now to get us a heckin Todoroki

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