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User ID: #79735
Username: Coo
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 May 2022, 11:58 pm
Registered: 17 Dec 2016, 3:05 pm

Profile description

*ahems* Welcome to my plain profile! I'll eventually figure out the CSS but until then enjoy the blandness I have to offer.

~ Edit: It's been 5 years at the time of this update. I in fact did learn some CSS but I am now way too lazy. ~

In short I'm pretty much always online, even when I'm not online, so feel free to PM or Ping me for any reason at all.

~Editors note: This was true 5 years ago. I might as well be an ancient ghost relic now. Hah! Still love ya'll ^-^

Villagers 14

Comments 86

    • Just a newbie passing by! Nice villagers you got there! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you and thank the rng!

    • It's been awhile, just saying hi!

    • I'm not allowed to eat fast food anymore since my heart surgery, it SUCKS because I want that sauce so freaking much

    • Yes, doves everywhere, cooing nonstop, making your head ring.
      And I have! I didn't know there was/are/were more though

    • Would you wanna adopt this villager? I might just abandon them otherwise. I can give you a house too if you need

    • Yup, got everything I wanted from the event...and I never upgraded my boat once

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