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Username: Cynicallia
Gender: Female
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 4:33 pm

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Introduction said:

Ave, Ahoy, Howdy, and Welcome, all and one. Call me Cyn or Nova, as you please. Kindly respect that I'm a womangender_female.png and I do not like being called or referred to as They/Them.

I live on the East Coast, USA (+1 Furvilla Time).

1702-magic-dressy-mustelid-plush.pngBirthday15th March7160-skully-spooktopus.png

BlackRoses said:

My Herbalist has Mastered Black Roses. If you provide the Seeds and Fancy Plant Drink, I will grow Black Roses for you. They take two full days to harvest. If you don't want to wait, I am willing to consider offers. A suitable offer would be something like including an extra packet of seeds or an additional FPD for me to keep for myself, and then I would send you one of the Black Roses I have already grown. I am also interested in decent quality/effort artwork, 0/10 Animals, Limited Event Animals, Recipes, and Reagents.

EqualExchange said:
Let's trade! I can provide resources exclusive to Dragonsmaw Manor 1:1 for your village's equivalent. Coins, Slabs, Animals, Seeds, Battle Loot, and Explore Event Items are always needed!

ArtQueue said:

Art + Things that I Owe

ItemCommissions said:
PrayingMantis - Thank-You Gift of ★Dinosor // Complete

Items that I am Actively Seeking // Will Draw For

ArtUsagePolicy said:
★ Art Usage Policy ★

Never re-upload my artwork to ANY artist gallery type of Web site (including deviantART, FA, Weasyl, InkBunny, VCL, or otherwise). If I have drawn artwork for you, you are allowed to share it to your character's TH and social media sites (with credit and a link back to my account). NO ONE is permitted to use my artwork commercially or as a Paintie unless it has been specifically commissioned for such a purpose, and you have my explicit, written permission to do this. I will report your Paintie for Art Theft if you use my work without my permission.

PaintieByCynicallia said:
Users with Permission to use my Art for Painties:

(Last Updated on 13 November, 2023)
No one

ArtTradeStatus said:
Art Trades are tentatively open. PM if you're interested.

IRL committments are limiting me at this time. I cannot begin new Commissions, Trades, or Projects.

WaitingOn said:
Patiently waiting on..

EchotheDutchie - Art Trade.
NaniCh4n- Forum game doodle.
Nadli - Art Trade

Being on the above list is not a bad thing. This list serves as a reminder for myself, not to shame anyone. However, if your name is on this list, I will have to decline doing any further art for you until it is resolved. If you are unable to complete something that you owe me, let me know. Let me know if you need to skip out entirely, or if you just need more time or information. I'm an adult, I can understand that things get overwhelming. I would prefer to be told about any problems, rather than blocked or ghosted.

PaintieQueue said:
Villagers with Paintie Work-in-Progress

4270-worker-slot-coupon.png 4270-worker-slot-coupon.png 4270-worker-slot-coupon.png
? ? ? These WSCs are burning a hole in my pocket. I haven't yet decided how to spend them.

Nova is somewhat outdated. Her next Paintie should have a much shorter tail. Her gloves, boots, and shorts ought to be black-grey, instead of green.

Ripper is slightly outdated. His next Paintie needs to include his longer hairstyle, and I would prefer to give him a more interesting pose.

Skwirl is bothering me something fierce. She needs a major overhaul.

FUQ said:
Frequently Unasked Questions

Question said:
Your Trade status is hard to follow, and you don't update your Thread regularly. How can I tell if you're Open?
The best way to check my Art Trade status is simply to ask me directly. You can send a DM here on Furvilla, or use any off-site method if you know my username. I lead a full time life, so I may be slow to reply. Please, don't mistake this for me ignoring you. It's never a bother for me to chat with you.

Question said:
May I draw your Villagers/OCs, or mention them in my writing?
Muh guddness, I'd be honored. So long as you do so in a respectful way. I'm cool with most things, but there are limits. Never depict them in romantic/NSFW ways unless you've discussed it with me first, OR, it's a hilariously stupid joke and you know me well enough to know that I'll find it funny, instead of finding it disgusting and unsettlingly invasive.

If you want to include my characters in your writing, please talk to me first, so that I can help you understand how they would or wouldn't think/feel/act/speak. I can also give you insight on their hidden strengths, weaknesses, memories, and goals. If you misspell something important or write something too far out of character, I might ask you to change or delete it. Be willing to do so.

For artwork, nearly all topics and ratings are okay for nearly all of my characters. Your 'sona can always hug, high five, or have a drink with any of my cast. But, be aware that some of my other characters are minors, so they may need more delicate treatment. Others have dietary issues-- for example, Nova hates milk, so you shouldn't draw her having a milk shake with your character, and Skurl is a vegetarian, so no beef jerky for him. Ripper is, let's just say, rather "particular" about his coffee; I wouldn't recommend bringing him into your cafe scene unless you're very well prepared.

Question said:
Can our characters be friends, or rivals, or.. shippy?
Yeah, heck yeah, and lolno. More than anything, I love lore mingling! I love to expand my characters' world by welcoming new friends and foes, not under my control. If something clicks, then we can toadally write and draw little scenes together. I don't roleplay, though, so don't ask me to.

Question said:
Wait, you don't roleplay??
Sorry, kid. Not my style. I had my fill of that when I was young. It doesn't appeal to me, and I don't have time for it. You can get a similar (better, actually) experience by just talking to me. We can joke back and forth and exchange silly doodles, and I'll comment In-Character, but that's all you're going to get out of me. If you have a habit to casually RP in conversation, don't be surprised if I stop acknowledging you and drift away.

Question said:
Why do you keep erasing your posts?
I have my reasons, and they may be "too real" to mention openly. If it truly bothers you, ask me directly.

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