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Username: Cynicallia
Gender: Female
Registered: 14 Dec 2016, 4:33 pm

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Click the banner to ask Nova, Ripper, or Skurl anything you want to.


This profile is always under construction..



Please, never hesitate to reach out. I login several times daily, and I never mind helping anyone. I can re-size images for you, and if I'm not busy, I can usually help with cleaning up minor things, like white pixel fuzz and whatnot.



Art + Things that I Owe

All caught up at the moment! Trades are on hold for a week or so, but please, PM if you're interested. I'll save a slot for you. On a related note, I feel that I ought to step back from joining anymore DtVAY threads, as I get skipped and forgotten (in those, and plenty of other forum games) too often.

Don't forget to read my Art Usage Policy before approaching me for artwork. Even if you've read it before, always take a skim through to see if anything has changed.

Short and sweet: Never re-upload my artwork to ANY artist gallery type of Web site (including deviantART, FA, Weasyl, InkBunny, VCL, or otherwise). If I have drawn artwork for you, you are allowed to share it to your character's Toyhou.se and social media sites (with credit and a link back to my account). NO ONE is permitted to use my artwork commercially or as a Paintie unless it has been specifically commissioned for such a purpose, and you have my explicit, written permission to do this.

Patiently waiting on..

EchotheDutchie - Art Trade.
NaniCh4n- Forum game doodle.
Neptipile - Art Trade

Being on the above list is not a bad thing; this list serves as a reminder for myself, not to shame anyone. However, if your name is on this list, I will have to decline doing any further art for you until it is resolved. If you are unable to complete something that you owe me, please, let me know. Let me know if you need to skip out entirely, or if you just need more time or information. I'm an adult, I can understand that things get overwhelming. I would prefer to be told about any problems, rather than blocked or ghosted.

..and you'll never catch me!

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    • that thing we were talking about
      wot u want engraved on ur trophy?

    • 5375-black-jade-gift-box.png
      hap barfday m8

    • i appreciate the thought!! i only have my school computer though, so i can't access toyhouse at all

    • i'm so glad you like it!! :D i don't have a TH, but feel free to upload it to his!!

    • Do you need some gooze? I can send some over ...

    • ngl your art is super cool :o

    • Aw thank you!! I love your art style, its both simple and aesthetically pleasing ^^


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