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User ID: #8138
Username: Frid
Last Online: 11 May 2021, 11:27 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:51 pm

Villagers 12

Comments 15

    • The village of Lance shall forever be expanding~ XD

    • You need to have jack-o-lanterns in your inventory to give them to people! You get them by carving pumpkins, which you grow with Herbalists!

    • Shall do pal! I'll give it a bash over the weekend if I'm not too knackered from the weekend job.

    • Hah! Don't fuss it none for payment, mate. Do a good turn for someone else, and we'll call ourselves even, ey? Pass a bit of jolly good intentions about, all that faff.

      If you wanna chuck us any images, or themes, or whatever, feel free to toss a PM over. I'll knock you sommat together when I've got a spare hour or two in the day.

    • Throw me a prompt, and your choice of animal/base and I'll knock you summat up, one-shot, no edits, free. I've up and abandoned this game, but eh, logged in saw your message and I reckon sure. May as well.

    • sorry for the late respond, been a busy week for me~
      also, i'd want to finish the one over on Aywas before starting anything new ^w^
      by the way, i've not got any replies from the crystal check, and i'd like to check if you prefer to continue to wait for their confirmation? or would you like me to go ahead with doing the basing instead?

    • you have so many villagers omg

    • so nice to see you're playing here too :D
      and wow, you have a really old account ahaha~ beta player?

    • yupe! that's me :>
      is this the same Frid on Aywas?

    • Hello! Thank you so much! <33
      I'm not right now but I will soon. I do sell occasional premades here c:

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