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Username: Readnawt
Last Online: 31 May 2021, 2:23 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:51 pm

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    • saw your sugestion thread with the giant list. I LOVE the suggestions!! Hope some or all get implamented <3

    • Aw thanks! I appreciate it XD I really need to upload more of my commissions haha.
      Also, thanks again! I'll try to send some crafted works! :D My durability used to be 200+ but now its only 110 after the recent update D: ughuhg im so upset about that.

      I hope the stable and pots I can make will be okay!

    • Can you comment on my profile so I can remind myself to send you the stable when its done being made for the raffle? ;u; haha thanks <3

    • nope, you can check the link yourself! A new dragon was posted. Good luck!

    • Your pets will no longer be featured! Have you tried the furvilla twitter? Their response times are very quick

    • Thank you for buying my potion!

    • Hi, thank you for purchasing from my stall! Lots of flicky tongued love <3

    • Thanks for your purchase! Hope to see you again!

    • Thank you for buying my wares!
      Don't hesitate to ask if I have something that's not in my stall :>

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