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User ID: #1284
Username: Marionette
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 May 2020, 2:21 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:06 pm

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: :About Me: :

Hello, I am Marionette. A wooden puppet and artist. I create horror and suspense writing but I can draw some too. I am very kind and willing to help out. Do not worry if I am not on, shoot me a letter, I answer and read them every day. I buy 60% of the ingredients for them XD so thats why those are a bit off kilter.

I also will also post to your profile when you buy. Depending on the weather my messages can range from cute and bubbly to "rainy dreadful" I try to make people laugh with them.

I do Painties for custom as well. I accept FC / FD / usd:
More info here My Commission Stall
If you wish, pm me as well!

My Fursona is an unknown animal and beign that will be told only to the closest of friends till I settle the details.

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: : Other Info: :


I am the Creator of Minds-Eye Funhouse. A graphic and mini comic place of my own creation. I also host interactive games via story telling which can be RPed out via pm or forum. You earn prizes from painties to artwork!

: : Other & Links: :

My Pokemon Type: DarkIC.gif FairyIC.gif

OMidpfF.png marionettefurvilla || FV Scraps Bases || FV Basses || Custom FV Bases (momosho's data) || My FurAffinity

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    • Saw your comment on the news post about the Plantimals, to get Fancy Plant Drinks you can either buy the recipe from the recycle shop or the stalls and make some, or just buy them right from the stalls. Both ways are kind of expensive tho!

    • Thanks a lot Mari!! <3
      Would you like something in exchange? :0

    • I'm just missing the hyena and the bat, if you would get I would so thankfull ;////;

    • Thank you so much for the candy <3

    • Thanks! ^ ^

    • Omg, thank you so much! I really appreciate it~! And thank you for the comment on Nyarly ^^
      Your painties are quite unique as well!

    • Very generous! Thank you very much! :D

    • thank you for the candy~

    • I feel you. xD I have 4.3k jack-o-lanterns, and 15k+ of pumpkin guts. The candy I'm mostly converting, but heck if I fall asleep that stuff adds up quick!

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