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Villager: Broken Marionette

Graveyard Fae


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ID: #128243

Name: Broken Marionette

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 5 years, 11 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Marionette

Feast Points: 0 (14 All-Time)

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Night Spotted


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/139)

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Approved: 13 Jul 2016, 6:44 pm

Likes: 76 ♥

Tags: beast wicker beast doll demon hunter broken bats

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Broken Marionette has fallen ill with Ferality. They will be unable to work. This illness can be cured with Silver Concoction.

Broken Marionette looks stunning!

Broken Marionette's very special treasure!


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made by Sadrain

We came to stay
we lay broken, and frayed
hearts crushed and un-beating

A broken doll within is this woman. A singer, hunter, fighter and bleeder. I have come through the window to many homes. Sat feeling at home only to be tossed onto the curb. No one wanted me. Tossed away not understanding why. Tossed as I believed I was kind and gentle, that my actions were too soft to be trusted.

we loved - we hated
why must our song go unheard?

I had no friends... just my parents... just my siblings but even then I felt secluded. No one came around me long no one cared. Soon I gained it all. Felt joy, laughter, jealousy... every emotion I thought I lost. Then it began again. Till I gained someone who I thought would be the turning point for myself.

You saw the darkness in me
you saw through my masks
you saw me for what i was
yet why did you not run?

I am a soft person but lately the depression deep inside has torn me. Broken my spirit. Friendless it seemed till I gained new ties. Family. A woman I now can proudly say is my sister.

Hiding behind a wall
hiding from all
Taking the strings
hoisting me high
dancing me in the spotlight

She plays this game - guiding me and helping me though the pain and helping me understand. I feel like a child. But deep down she helped me away from that one friend who manipulated me and slowly turned others against me. My friend and her fiance are the best things that really ever happened to me. I am very glad to have them.

These faces wont go away
I thought I was free
I thought I was unique

I am a shy and kind person but due to some illnesses mentally it can be hard to keep friends. I have depression, anxiety and & Schizophrenia. I am not two-faced but I am blunt. I try to hide in a world of my own creation to keep away from hurting others.

My name is Storm.

instead I am just a broken marionette
Working the stage to one day sever the strings
in the inevitable end

On September 2nd 2015 I swore last year to change for the better. To hopefully regain the things I lost, to get friends and overcome the darkness in my own soul. I am here to help anyone who needs it. Call me the "guru" or "shrink" but I will listen, I will give advice and it wont cost you. I lost to help anyone I can. To make up for the way I had been when I was in highschool.

I am 22 years old, a horror writer, artist, and oddball.

I hope to make you smile even if it costs me a bite. My friends empower me like nothing most can understand.

My friends are my anchor.

-:{The Colored words are a song I wrote}:-
-:Aki Shihiro for the background:-

-:{Paintie By Me}:-


Comments 12

    • Thank you so very much! <:3c
      (Your wicker's super cool aaaa *A* )

    • not pink enough imo (also this is a very lovely paintie <333)

    • That can be arranged!

    • Cool Halloween-like Wickerbeast :o

    • Bloop bloop indeed!

    • THANK you!!! what a cool wicker + bio!!!

    • Such a cool paintie and character! Dude love the background as well~

    • Thanks for the sweet comment! I also really love this design! The eye looks so nice!

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