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Username: reshiram
Gender: Cool Boy™
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:55 pm

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tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif lucas tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif 16 tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif it/he tumblr_inline_nlzfrxS4Xv1r2liwv.gif
whats up im Sad

workin on thi.s.....


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    • big spicy Dad

  • Comment has been hidden


    • she luvs U!

    • ofc!! go ahead!! my main blog is tutuducky so if u get a follow from there dont be alarmed!!!

    • d-do you have a kidcore blog??? asking 4 a friend....................(its ok if you dont wanan give it out if u do have one!!) mine's cheerybearie!

    • can i say i love ur profile......very kid-core esque....i luv (also i see ur pokekin !! im clefairy!)

    • YESSS welcome to team dragon...

    • do u want to be a part of a dragon type pokekin squad with me,,

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