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Username: k3ys
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Last Online: 5 May 2018, 11:25 am
Registered: 8 Feb 2017, 5:15 pm

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I am fairly new to this game. I still have a lot to discover but I'll get there. css comment box is glitched. css by alxq, modified by me

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    • I see. Well, thanks again for the purchase.

    • Thanks for the purchase. About time someone bought that. Usually, when I sell a costume, it flies right off the shelf.

    • That's very very kind! I know exactly what you mean. Have a lovely rest of your day~

    • Thank you so much for the amazing potion!

    • Thanks for buying my stuff Friend :3 you have been the best customer yet

    • Why thank you so much

    • It's no problem! ^-^ I have my doctor trying to master that medicine anyway, so I have a ton!

    • Just wanted to say thank you! <3 That was super sweet of you!!

    • No problem ^ ^ I generally try to breed animals myself rather than buying, but my ferrets are being stubborn so I gave up and decided to hurry it along a little XD

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