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User ID: #87211
Username: feralita
Gender: gurl
Last Online: 8 Mar 2023, 8:08 am
Registered: 10 Feb 2017, 10:35 am

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I'm feralita (artist name) but you can call me Fey (shorter) or Cha (based after my real name).

--You may have heard of me as the Flomuridae"s creator-- :)
(also, lil disclaimer regarding those : Even though they
somehow scored 2nd, I despise some persons' very salty behaviour. Sorry you don't like it, just make something nice out of your life instead of (trying) to pollute mine :D ! )

I'm a 27 yrs-old game artist who works from home (oh the possibilites).
I'm quite approachable, I don't (always) bite (hard), and I love drawing : D feel free to come talk to me !
I live in southwest France's countryside with
my (also) graphic artist bf, and my pets:
-Léonard, Wendy, Chiffon, Ginger and Lisa (guinea piggies<3)
-Merlin & Noé (Persian/Exotic shorthair cats)
-Lupin (kleine spitz x miniature aussie mix)
-Phoebe (pom x sheltie mix)

My goals on this site, are to make a neat paintie for each of my villagers, have fun during work pauses and collecting stuff *--* !

Find my doodles here :

Villagers 27

Comments 13

    • No problem! I’m just sending crew supplies to people. ^^

    • Uh (hope I'm not spamming x-x) your Flomuridae species was/is? so pretty! I was looking through the create a villager contest entries (cause I saw some of them on furvilla's twitter (including yours)) and the colors on the examples where gorgeous (honestly I like your Flomuridae better than the Flailadon (mostly cause I'm a cute over cool kinda person) I just had to tell you they where/are gorgeous.

    • Your artwork is lovely! :o <3

    • Do you take art commissions?

    • Just a newbie passing by! Awesome villagers you got here! Keep up the good work and stay awesome!

    • I just wanted to say... you art is super adorable. I love the loose/free feel of your sketches. :) Keep rocking it!!

    • Ah it's ok! I really do hope they make them an official villager species in the future <3

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