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Username: Kitsune_Galaxy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Dec 2019, 4:05 pm
Registered: 15 Feb 2017, 4:17 pm

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Hey. I'm a dork fox named Kitsune. Nice to meet ya.


Credit to alxq! The css wouldn't have been possible without them. But also thanks to Imoku who helped me with the entire thing!

She/her please!

wishlist said:

I have awful anxiety and depression. That's just a warning if I ever act skittish or anything of the sort.

By @pumpkin-wings

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    • As much as I agree, Izra and Cam kind of have a thing for each other, but neither of them have said anything so...sorry...

    • Ohh, that makes sense! Yeah, come to think of it, all the kitsunes I've seen had multiple tails ^^"
      Would that make that Sonic character a Kitsune? Not Sonic himself but that other side character...

      Wow, you've really established this character. does she have a Toyhou,se?

    • That is truly a magical story! Watching a character evolve with the owner, taking different routes and paths depending on where you go, is something amazing. I do feel my critisisms were harsh, now, but I think I stand by them. Still, it's entirely understandable that a young child would attach wings to a fox and make them an OC, heck do you know how many "Mary Sue's" I made as a child, with poor designs? *soft giggling*

      Is a Kitsune a species of magical fox? I see the term used on Furvilla but I don't actually know where it comes from :o

    • You made your fursona's design before you were a furry? That's genuinely shocking, I mean I'm sure she wasn't a planned 'sona back then (Not that I would know) but it's still really interesting! Would you mind me asking how many years ago she was created?

    • okie dokie, I'll get on it as soon as I can

    • :0!!! thanks for this offer, I can make you 2 shaded bodies for it

      all my ex here

    • i have no kitsunes
      all i have is a whole lotta garbageness

      good luck with your SR
      you lil shit

    • lmao i almost gave up
      also if you have any female kitsunes lmk bc i got a rare stud and i'm ready to murder myself over getting this SR. Shou needs one.

    • plus i can also brag that i've got the Dark Orchid, Star Guardian, Lil Witchy, Vampire, Winter Wonderland and Happy Holly kitsunes too >w> so~~

    • at least i'll get the satisfaction of doing the impossible while you just sat on your ass munching popcorn >:3

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