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User ID: #88244
Username: DrowntheFrowns
Gender: Nonbinary/Agender
Last Online: 5 Dec 2022, 12:58 am
Registered: 21 Feb 2017, 1:54 pm

Profile description

Welcome to my corner of Furvilla make yourself at home!
*dabs out*

Note: I am ahead of Furvilla time by one hour.
Example: Furvilla time is 8 at night. Mine is 9 at night.

While you're here, I'll let you know some things about me! I'm a spoonie with mostly mental and developmental disabilities so I might be slow or not know how to act right, I hope that everyone can work with me! I also am a dedicated cat parent with a lovely little black cat named Espresso!

I like electronic music, the ocean, cooking and baking, some forms of horror, all colors but my top favs are yellow, purple, and grey in that order, and I also love spicy foods even though I'm a total wimp about it. It burns so good mmmmm.....

I dislike unexpected noises, expected socializing without warning, canned corn with salt and sugar, hot weather especially all of summer, and buttery smells (the stronger they are, the more likely I'll get a migraine from it. Pie is the worst culprit sadly)

Another note, but please give me warning if you're going to send me a friend request! I already struggle with socializing enough, but if I'm gonna be friends with someone I would rather get to know them first before doing so. I've taken the time to remove most of my current friends since it's been so long that I don't recognize hardly anybody, and to anyone who I unfriended I hope you understand why I did, it's nothing against anybody I swear. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

A Spooky Wabbit
A Libra Plushie
All the basic feast pets
(I'm thinking of updating this to a CSS wishlist on another site, which I would link to, but I'll have to double check if that's allowed and go from there)

My quest for all the fairies is complete thank you to all who helped I am happy!

Have some googly eye fairies.


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    • Thanks for the gift! ;v;

    • You're welcome and thank you in return

    • i saw that, i almost couldn't come up with one to yours and i wasn't ready. forgive me for what i did to your keyboard smash oml.

    • Haha lol just wait >:} I like being called that nobody does it xD

    • No problem! I have no use for used plushies; I don’t care to collect them. Expect more in the future,

    • The soup sticker came from the recycling shop (Recycler under the Town Hall tab at the top of the page). Every time you discard from your inventory, you get fur gems, which is a currency that lets you buy things from the recycling shop!

    • Aw shucks kiddo, you didnt have to send me a pumpkin, I have plenty! Feel free to smash as many of mine as you wish ♥

    • Good luck with getting the ectos !!!!

    • Omg no it's okay !! Go ahead !!!! I have more pumpkins than I'll ever need, so go ahead and smash as many as you'd like, i really don't mind !

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