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User ID: #88244
Username: DrowntheFrowns
Gender: Male
Last Online: 21 May 2021, 12:34 pm
Registered: 21 Feb 2017, 1:54 pm

Profile description

Welcome to my corner of Furvilla make yourself at home!
*dabs out*

Note: I am ahead of Furvilla time by one hour.
Example: Furvilla time is 8 at night. Mine is 9 at night.

I will be here if someone needs to vent. I will listen if I can. I may not always be online but if I am I will drop what I'm doing to help someone I promise.

Please no suicide jokes. Not around me anyway.

I love new people! Just send a request my friend! I will accept it don't worry.

Very laid-back and is a joker of sorts
Obsessed with cute things (a man's gotta love bunnies and kittens)
Seriously into dubstep and rave music

Disrespectful people
Racism and LGBTQ+ phobia
Sweet and salty corn (blegh)
My allergies (no puppies or chocolate how do I survive!?)

The color grey
My datemate!~♡
Meeting new people/ making new friends
Learning about culture
Lotsa memes and jokes
Foodimals (the feast is my obsession)

Other than that I'm here for the art and the pets, and maybe a few friends. Chat me up fam I'm open!

X Sweeticorn (Wow they dropped in price since I was last on, thank gods. Now Harvy has a pet!)
Spooky Wabbit
A Libra Plushie
Custom Vista of some sort
All the basic feast pets
X 666 of literally any DMM item (Thanks to the lovely person Sun for this)

My quest for all the fairies is complete thank you to all who helped I am happy!

Have some googly eye fairies.


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Comments 49

    • You're welcome and thank you in return

    • i saw that, i almost couldn't come up with one to yours and i wasn't ready. forgive me for what i did to your keyboard smash oml.

    • Haha lol just wait >:} I like being called that nobody does it xD

    • No problem! I have no use for used plushies; I don’t care to collect them. Expect more in the future,

    • The soup sticker came from the recycling shop (Recycler under the Town Hall tab at the top of the page). Every time you discard from your inventory, you get fur gems, which is a currency that lets you buy things from the recycling shop!

    • Aw shucks kiddo, you didnt have to send me a pumpkin, I have plenty! Feel free to smash as many of mine as you wish ♥

    • Good luck with getting the ectos !!!!

    • Omg no it's okay !! Go ahead !!!! I have more pumpkins than I'll ever need, so go ahead and smash as many as you'd like, i really don't mind !

    • I praise your googly eye fairies.

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