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Username: knifehoney
Last Online: 2 May 2021, 4:21 pm
Registered: 11 Mar 2017, 10:52 am

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kitty | she | ⚢

helo im kitty and i draw gay animal people

ig : vampurin

i don't use deviantart anymore lol

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    • Hi! I'm Pandorose c: I have seen your art in some of my buddies' Comments and it's so beautiful!
      I don't know if you do art trades or if you would have preferred me to PM so I'm sorry I'm super unprofessional x3 Just wondering if you'd like to do an art trade with me. If you would I can PM you information and examples of my art and stuff but I didn't want to clog your comments with stuff if you couldn't do one. Hope you're well! Happy late holidays, and best wishes~ Pandorose

    • I really love how she came out!!^^ Thank you so much, and I love the lil blep ; w;

    • OOOOOOOOOO I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! i love how soft it looks :'0 its so precious i really love it a lot. Thank u so much!!!!

    • awesome, thanks for understanding!! and thank you again for the art, i love it so much aaaaa <33

    • ahh shes so adorable in your style, thanks so much for drawing her!! sending payment now <3 although im 25 fd short because i bought a pet box and didnt do my math right ;-; sorry about that :[ i hope its ok, if not i can make up the difference with the fc equivalent? just let me know!

    • OH MY GOSH she looks so good!!! ;; <333 thank you so much!!

    • Oh gosh, they look beautiful!! Do you happen to have a Toyhou.se can credit? If not, do you have somewhere you'd specifically like credited, or would you like me to just credit to your FV profile here?

    • Oh my gosh. ;___; I love how you drew Howell! What a happy cutie boy he is! Thank you so much! <3

    • oh my god i am in love aaaa,,,,,,, thank you so much!!!

    • Soni you could credit my dA, it has the same name as here, ty!

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