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Username: alxq
Gender: Agender
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:38 pm

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sorry, i am no longer active in this site.
see ya!

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    • I still sent it to you regardless as promised, I'm not going to back down to that ;w; but cool beans!

    • Ayy congrats! I'll send the extra usd to you if that's alright, so you can send it all to Velo? Or would you rather I send it to Velo?

    • There's sae again >:3c let's crank this up to 85USD, I'll supply the 35 needed!

    • aH alright!! Tysm, I've been trying to get some lower ID villagers for a while ;w;

    • Oh ggosh I'd. Love that but I'm not sure that's allowed? What do you think ;;

    • There's absolutely no rush dude ^^ I'm more or less doing this for the season, so don't stress out about it! We can also just do anything else, because I don't want to make you overworked or add more to your schedule if you weren't ready for it ;w;
      If you're interested though, anyone after Nyin is open! Though Nyin, Felix, and Vitu have more specific characters and while I have pictures of Nyin, but Vitu and Felix I have nothing for other than just a description. But everyone else I'd take any paintie for, or I'd trade them for another lower ID villager (because I have so many charries that would work as shifties but these villagers are either rare species or have costumes so I can't just shifty-fy them hghgn)

    • sgjhsfghkdj I mean if you're really concerned I have a lot of villagers that need a paintie/any paintie!!

    • saefall pls
      wanna up it to 75 USD and I'll support with 25usd?

    • If you bid 60FD I'll supprt the extra 10 USD rn!

    • pssst I"m right there with you, I really want another ringbearer for the one I have :') but hey, I'm willing to help you pay for the fella over sae (I'm so frustrated that she just... buys them /all/ and the only reason I was able to nab any ringbearer was because I was on the stream, so I could know the moment it went for sale)
      So if you need a hand, I'll gladly offer some help!

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