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User ID: #93518
Username: blackbobcat
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 24 Apr 2020, 3:06 am
Registered: 10 May 2017, 7:06 pm

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I like Potatoes and cheese too.
Note to self: cats[must use Daynes sphinx base *_*]........shiftiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeesss..... also stickers...

Oh. in case anyone is curious about me and the lack of info on my fursona here Kitara..
I'm ...probably one of the 'older' people here.. I am married, and I have my own little litter (aka I'm a mommy). I do bite.. but I probably won't bite you (I don't know where you've been D:!) I'm generally rather friendly but I do get overwhelmed pretty easily so don't worry if it takes me time to get back to you. I am the same BlackBobcat that is on.. a number of other pet sites x.x mostly Khimeros or subeta. (I only really check in on the others you might find me on) I am a bit tatted up and I do have an okay amount of piercings and usually wild colored hair so I'm kind of not one to pick at people for silly little things like personal preferences on most things and I do not like getting into arguments and will likely just drop any conversation heading that way or completely ignore it. (I don't do drama.)
I do love roleplaying but I do not do it in a public forum, I get to freaked out and overwhelmed so even though I could possibly enjoy it, I can't do it so if you are curious about an RP with any of my villagers I'm fine with you asking but please don't try to drag them into a large group.
Moar info-
I am (mildly) color blind.
I am a gamer.
I have some major issues with my left arm and upper & lower back.
I have anxiety disorders (touched on those above)
I do arts but really only for me.. (colorblind issues making coloring for others not fun plus my touch pad is almost broken so doing art makes me grumpy now D: )
merp merp merp.. I guess that's all?

O:! My friend wrote a trilogy of books! You can check them out here ^^!

Villagers 26

Comments 64

    • We're all breathing still...lol.
      I'll send along anymore I get, when does this end?

    • Hi dear, hope all is well...so since I dont have a crafter seems I cannot participate in this event, Ive 84 treasure map pieces would you like them?

    • Happy Thanksgiving dear<3

    • Thanks for the fertilizer hon, but am all set now,I can send guts for you still if you need any <3
      Hope you’re feeling better

    • Thank you <3

    • Thanks dear!

    • I’ve sent some gutz dear, am sad I never made an alchemist, never bothered to figure out how to get a house for more villagers, lol

    • Hey hon, what do you need to make the pumpkin fertilizer? I don’t have an alchemist but I might have the ingredients you need, if you wouldn’t mind selling me some cheap ones once in awhile, thanks.
      Hope all is well dear <3

    • aww thanks!
      your villagers are cute too!

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